The African School of Fundamental Physics and its Application has been established to build capacity to harvest and interpret the results of current and future physics experiments with particle accelerators,and to increase proficiency in related applications, such as medicine, and technologies, such as IT. The school is being organized in a Sub-Saharan African country every second year and it is based on a close interplay between theoretical, experimental, and applied physics. The first school took place in Stellenbosch, South Africa on 1-21 August 2010 (ASP2010) and the second edition of the biennial school was organized in KNUSTKumasi, Ghana from July 15th to Aug 4th 2012 (ASP2012).

The 3rd biennial school, ASP2014, is being organized in Senegal on August 3-23, 2014. Registration for ASP2014 is now close. The Agenda for ASP2014 can be found HERE.  Here is the list of sponsors of ASP2014 in alphabetical order:

Academia Sinica, Taiwan; ALBA, Spain; American Physical Society, USA; BNL, USA;
CATHI Network; CEA,  France; CERN; COMSTECH; CNRS/IN2P3, France; DST, SA;
EPFL, CH; ESS, SE; FNAL, USA; French Embassy in Dakar; GSSI, Italy; IBS, Korea;
ICTP; INFN, Italy; International Science Program, Uppsala University, SE;
IPHC, France; ITU; IUPAP; JLAB, USA; JSA, USA; Louisiana Tech University, USA;
McGill university, Canada; MCNet; NRF, SA; NSF, USA; NSRC, USA;
Oklahoma University, USA; PSI, CH; Rutgers University, USA;
Sandia National Laboratory, USA; Shui-Chin Lee Foundation for Basic Science, Taiwan; SLAC, USA; UCL, UK; University of Chicago, USA; University of Kansas, USA;
University of Glasgow, UK; University of Texas Arlington, USA.


Below is the footage of ASP 2012: