Practical Information ASP 2014

IMPORTANT: Travel Advisory for Senegal

Please view these two website for the updated information about traveling to Senegal:

  1. West Africa – Ebola virus disease

  2. Traveling to Senegal

Here are some websites that offers information on travel and tourism in Senegal:

Explore these website and learn about this amazing country and get even more excited about visiting this beautiful place.

Important Information regarding the Visa for Senegal:

As of July 1st, 2013, a biometric visa is needed for every traveller who is a citizen of a country where a visa is required for travelling Senegalese citizens. Those who are exempted for a visa must present a valid passport or just a valid ID card in the case of citizens of a member state of the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS/CEDEAO).

The cost of visa is 50€ (with an additional processing fee of 2.5 to 5€) and the application is to be done online (complete application or pre-enrollment only, with a final step at the Senegalese port of entry). Visa website


  • Yellow fever: mandatory (proof maybe requested at the border)
  • Hepatitis A & B: recommended
  • Anti-malaria treatment: recommended

Accommodation for STUDENTS:

The accommodation for selected students is free of charge as part of their full bursaries. More specific information will be provided shortly.

Accommodation for LECTURERS:

  • A mid-range hotel located downtown: Hotel Al Afifa.
      • ASP2014 special rate for August: 60 euros/night (w/o breakfast, but w/ internet) for single as well as couple.
      • There is a restaurant in the hotel.
      • Due to traffic, around 10-15 minutes from the campus and a cab will cost around 2 euros one-way.
      • This is the one where past guests from SLAC, JLAB, BNL, etc (and a few members of the IOC last October) have stayed.
  • A modest hotel not far from the campus (but maybe still 10 minutes, due to traffic).
      • Nightly: 46 euros single and 60 euros double (a larger and more comfortable room is at  66 euros/night). Internet included, breakfast included.
      • There is a restaurant in the hotel.
 Local Organizing Committee can take care of the booking. In that case, please email your detailed travel arrangements, single or couple, and any relevant information to Prof. Oumar Ka at:
Skype: oka-san
Invitation Letter For Lecturers will be produced once a hotel is booked as you would need a booking document for the visa procedure.
Airport Pick-up Arrangements will be made for each lecturer.