The African Conference on Fundamental Physics and Applications, or African Conference on Physics (ACP), is a biennial physics conference organized in connection with the African School of Physics (ASP).


ACP is an international and professional conference opened to physicists, physics teachers, and policy makers in education and research from all over Africa and beyond. ACP is of a duration of five days.

Participants at ACP may or may not be involved in the ASP activities. The scientific program at ACP consists of all the scientific tracks taught as ASP such as:

  • Astroparticle physics and cosmology;
  • Nuclear and particle physics;
  • Event generator, detectors, simulation, statistical and data analyses;
  • Medical and radiation physics;
  • renewable energies and energy efficiency;
  • Material physics;
  • Physics education;
  • Physics communication;
  • High performance computing.

Varying emphasis are given to different tracks depending on the research interest of the host country. Participants at ACP that are not involved in the ASP organization (International Organizing Committee, Local Organizing Committee, lecturers, teachers and students) are required to pay some registration fee.