The Scientific Program consists of:

  • Lectures and hands-on exercises and tutorials in theoretical physics, experimental physics, applied physics and computing for the selected students at the Bachelors, Honors, Masters and Ph.D. levels. We have 75 students from all over Africa and 1 from the USA, selected from 439 applications. See the details of the scientific program here.
  • A two-day physics workshop for high school teachers from around Kigali. We expect about 20 high school teachers to participate in this workshop. Please find the details of the workshop for teachers here.
  • An outreach to secondary schools around Kigali. This will be carried out over 3 days and a different secondary school will be visited each day. We expect about 50 high school students in each visit.  The details of this outreach event can be found here.
  • ASP Forum to discuss the role and impact of ASP in capacity development in fundamental physics and related applications. The program details are here.

Download the Poster: ASP2016_Poster

Download the Proposal: ASP2016_Propos

Local Organizing Committee of ASP 2016:

  • G. Bajpai (UR-College of Science & Technology)
  • T. Brown (Carnegie Mellon University Rwanda)
  • M.C. Gasingirwa (Rwanda Ministry of Education)
  • M. Hughes (Rwanda Ministry of Education)
  • B. Krogh (Carnegie Mellon University Rwanda)
  • M. Mbonye (UR College of Science & Technology)
  • S. Mboyo (UR-ICT Section)
  • P. Muiga (UR College of Medicine & Health Sciences)
  • E. Munyangabe (Ministry of Infrastructure)
  • B. Safari (UR College of Science & Technology)
  • C. Sekomo (UR College of Science & Technology)
  • J. Uwamahoro (UR College of Education)
  • B. Wellars (UR-College of Science & Technology)

More pictures can be found here

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