TheĀ ASP Forum consists of presentations, talks, discussions and debate in one day during ASP. Local and international policy makers in matters of education and research, lecturers, ASP conference participants, students, teachers, industries, research and education institutes, and the media participate in this event. The objective is to discuss and adapt the role of the ASP program to better align with the research and education priorities of African countries. The ASP Forum program includes talks and discussions around the following, with relevant changes for different host countries:

  • Welcome address by a member of the local organizing committee;
  • Review of the African School of Physics program;
  • Feedback from one of the students that is attending the current ASP;
  • Guest of Honor address;
  • Host country strategy on research and capacity development;
  • Regional strategy on research and capacity development;
  • Role of industry;
  • Outreach programs of leading international research institutes;
  • Opportunities for capacity development in large scale international projects;
  • Potential for capacity development in new research facilities;
  • Plans for the next ASP;
  • Beyond capacity development and issues of retention.

The results of the ASP Forum are integrated in the ASP program going forward for continuous improvement and adaption of ASP:

ASP2018 Forum Agenda

ASP2016 Forum Agenda

ASP2014 Forum Agenda

ASP2012 Forum Agenda

ASP2010 Forum Agenda