In parallel to the students’ activities, an outreach event is organized for high school learners for a period of one week. The objective is to motivate learners to develop and maintain interest in physics and applications. Upwards of 200 learners from the host country participate in this program, and the participating learners are identified by the local organizing committee (LOC). During this outreach event, ASP lecturers visit a series of high schools in the host country. For each high school visited, about 40–50 pupils are pre-selected by the LOC for the program which lasts for about 4 hours and consists of physics demonstrations, experiments, exercises, talks, discussions, question and answer sessions. The learners workshop runs in parallel to the Students Program.

For ASP2018, we expect to 4–8 high schools in Windhoek to participate a one-week workshop on July 9–12, 2018: ASP2018-Learners-Workshop. For each high school visit, 40–80 learners will participate in the workshop of 4–8 hours, depending on the detailed arrangements.

During ASP2016, 3 high schools in Kigali participated in the learners program over a period of 3 days, at the rate of one high school visit a day.